Fall in Love in Little Rituals of Daily Routine

Ever heard of the golden rule popularized by the book ‘Eat, Pray and Love’? As the title suggests to live by meeting your own needs and no one else’s, including the need for love. As some wise men and women say you need the ability to love and you do not have to be loved by anyone probably because when you spread that love, it comes back on its own, and you are no longer dependent on anyone’s willingness to love you as it is more than enough if you love yourself, which is a skill in itself, but, that is off topic in a way.

Make Daily Routine Your Daily Staple of Joy

Every day brings us plenty of joy which you can all use to enhance the quality of your life even if you are living and making it on your own entirely. Today singles and gays alike can be freely in their own pursuit of happiness despite obviously being talked behind their back, and sometimes stabbed, but that is the price of freedom. So what of the joy we are referencing heavily to? In the day, in each moment, as it goes by and moves you feel its power and the strength of life, its tides coming and going and relegating you to a single drop which loses itself in the whirlpool of life and that is where everything begins and ends. So the routine is also a whirpool of duties and errands you have to run and amidst all that chaos you remain still as the surface of water after the storm and you absorb all the sounds, human voices, interactions, and you create an ego. An ego is born early on and it craves so much more than just a whirlpool, it develops an anxiety, it wants and demands and accuses and hates. But the true you can live in the whirlpool, make sense of the surrounding spaces and other drops and be fully tuned into them and yourself alike, buzzing with life. How is it achieved? How do you achieved this state? By simply following the flow and the whirl to the very end? That is life, and you want to feel it just like you feel the drops going down your neck and along your spine. It is then when you discover you make sense of every moment and you can only take away the pain and the pleasure from it as you wish. It should reverberate through your body just like children feel it while they can, while that joy lasts until it is finally hushed for some time.

That joy that comes to you should become the staple diet you feed your psyche and your spirit and what you infect other people with, the joy of life despite the hardship, despite the ridicule and more.

Character or Not?

Whether you are wondering what really matters in life perhaps you have come to a conclusion that it is more about having a good character than anything else. Having a good character makes you a desirable life partner, a person capable of delivering on the promise. A good character is often hidden away behind a different kind of mask. Why would that matter in the end? A truly formed and adult person is also going to make some wrong decisions, give up their ideals, be misjudged and accused of tresspassing of people’s personal beliefs and stepping outside their zone straight under fire.

What Matters the Most

How you can enrich any kind of relationship by giving it warmth, feeding it with passion and providing enough comfort on your end, that is about giving, but the ability to receive is yet another key to a successful relationship. Here there is no denying that a person equipped with those character traits, oozing confidence and independence, faith in themselves and their partnership, with a bunch of hobbies to pursue and ability to feel bond and love will always be capable of forming a truly great and lasting relationship. It is not as rare as you might think as such people’s ego is also at work whevever they call upon it and they also have a darker side to embrace, but they recognize it and harness it professionally. Those who claim to be on the light side of the power, reveal their ego’s problematic ways years into the relationship, as if surprised by the power of their long hidden problems that are literally indeed at the heart of the matter. The heart might not be necesarily gone but it could be deeply enmeshed in the ego business that just cannot let go. It cannot let go because it learnt that was the only way to claim control over life and other people.

You Die Too Young

So many stars of great fame have died too early, somehow haunted by their inability to deal with the destruction they brought upon themselves. Despite the legion of fans and followers, the price for being attacked by the mob was to great to endure the pain. The ego proved too weak despite a great talent, and it gave the way to something utterly dreadful, drugs and alcohol killing the pain, inflicted by those who heaped mostly hatred on their performance or simply life did not become any easier despite the success. It brought on more pain and vulnerability and despair than they would have ever expected. In short, they would not have died if they were not stars? The ability to shoulder any type of malice and harsh vitriol is a unique trait, not many can adapt to. In the times when celebrities lose their cool when attacked by paparazzi at every corner, you may understand that once they lose the appeal and looks what they receive is pity and sarcasm. In the end true beauty remains etched in people’s eyes and faces, if only we could bring up Audrey Hepburn into the mix, whose aging face had a distinguished look even when simply holding up a child.

A Missed Chance to End All Wars

When the First World War was raging, there were those who were saying that it was, “the war to end all wars”. It was poetic attempt at justifying the madness and the utter waste of human life in the trenches. A whole generation of young men from Europe, America and other parts of the world was mown down before their time by artillery shells and machine gun fire.

When the war ended there were those who still hoped that it would be the last major conflict. They started out in building the League of Nations. Unfortunately, national interests were stronger than the desire for a lasting peace and they set the stage open for another war, one that would dwarf even the previous conflict.

The Period between the Wars

Germany was left emasculated and humiliated at the end of the First World War. The country entered a period of uncertainty and chaos that allowed a person like Adolf Hitler gained power. Germans saw in him and in his party an authority that they could look up to. He promised them order and dominance and above all revenge.

It was also in the period after the World War One that Japan was allowed a free hand in Manchuria. The rest of the world with the exception of Soviet Russia ignored what it was doing there. Some experts even consider World War Two to have started in Manchuria in the 1930s, because from the moment that it started its attack on Imperial China then, the world was torn in major conflicts until the Japanese surrendered in 1945.

The Last Great War

Then the world was sucked into fighting the second global war in less than thirty years. It has been justified as a just war to fight by the people in the West. It was dubbed as the fight of the free world against the enslaving fascist forces. It was rather simplistic to view it that way since the United States was fighting on the same side as Soviet Union, but distinctions like that were quickly set aside during wartime.

It was sincerely hoped that the war would prevent the future need for fighting as a means of settling national differences. Some visionaries hoped that the world has finally outgrown the need for weapons and fighting and that everyone could work on the improvement of mankind.

Failure to End Conflict

Sad to say, that all hopes of world peace went down the drain pipe. The Cold War started and the United Nations proved to be a mere shadow of what its founders hoped it would be. Even when the Soviet Union collapsed the threat of war is still like a sword hanging over our heads.

The world is just as fragmented by hate as it was more than 70 years ago. Europe might have united but other countries are now vying against each other. People are still divided and driven by hate against other people’s religion, race and nationalities. We missed our chance to finally have a wart free from war.