Character or Not?

Whether you are wondering what really matters in life perhaps you have come to a conclusion that it is more about having a good character than anything else. Having a good character makes you a desirable life partner, a person capable of delivering on the promise. A good character is often hidden away behind a different kind of mask. Why would that matter in the end? A truly formed and adult person is also going to make some wrong decisions, give up their ideals, be misjudged and accused of tresspassing of people’s personal beliefs and stepping outside their zone straight under fire.

What Matters the Most

How you can enrich any kind of relationship by giving it warmth, feeding it with passion and providing enough comfort on your end, that is about giving, but the ability to receive is yet another key to a successful relationship. Here there is no denying that a person equipped with those character traits, oozing confidence and independence, faith in themselves and their partnership, with a bunch of hobbies to pursue and ability to feel bond and love will always be capable of forming a truly great and lasting relationship. It is not as rare as you might think as such people’s ego is also at work whevever they call upon it and they also have a darker side to embrace, but they recognize it and harness it professionally. Those who claim to be on the light side of the power, reveal their ego’s problematic ways years into the relationship, as if surprised by the power of their long hidden problems that are literally indeed at the heart of the matter. The heart might not be necesarily gone but it could be deeply enmeshed in the ego business that just cannot let go. It cannot let go because it learnt that was the only way to claim control over life and other people.

You Die Too Young

So many stars of great fame have died too early, somehow haunted by their inability to deal with the destruction they brought upon themselves. Despite the legion of fans and followers, the price for being attacked by the mob was to great to endure the pain. The ego proved too weak despite a great talent, and it gave the way to something utterly dreadful, drugs and alcohol killing the pain, inflicted by those who heaped mostly hatred on their performance or simply life did not become any easier despite the success. It brought on more pain and vulnerability and despair than they would have ever expected. In short, they would not have died if they were not stars? The ability to shoulder any type of malice and harsh vitriol is a unique trait, not many can adapt to. In the times when celebrities lose their cool when attacked by paparazzi at every corner, you may understand that once they lose the appeal and looks what they receive is pity and sarcasm. In the end true beauty remains etched in people’s eyes and faces, if only we could bring up Audrey Hepburn into the mix, whose aging face had a distinguished look even when simply holding up a child.