East or West?

Where would you like to travel? You might be afraid of visiting the wilderness as some might call it, otherwise, you would not be hesitating a bit to venture into the lands of the East despite your resourcefulness and wit. Most of those beliefs are pure tosh, and whether you like it or not, perhaps the former, each of those lands is populated with people and not white bears walking the streets as many would be willing to believe. The further east you venture the more myths you should be able to dispel by simply going places. The East is as attractive as the West in many unique respects which could finally be the winning argument why the whole world is worth even a second look.


We all live and are fed with stereotypes early on even if we witness evidence as day goes by and we reach to read a book on foreign lands. The differences are more visible when you finally reach those lands to settle down there for some time. How much of the stereotyping is true in the end? Indeed, not without reason, a term cultural shock has been coined. Funnily enough, you could feel it even in your own country, when you start living on your own and need to move through the thicket of Ilaws and paragraphs and difficult people’s interpretations of the reality. That is why many people feel homesick and cannot beat the feeling despite their best intentions and willigness to press on. However, plenty of foreigners stay put as they discover the natural beauty of the place and people themselves. They remain, marry and remarry, and settle for good in their second home. So in that case how much of that is a part of a stereotype? Who really believes them? You are only going to find in places what you are looking for, that is a given, psychologically speaking. People are early in life trained to confirm their beliefs or their bias evn if they are not naturally aware of it. They just believe their beliefs are the only truth, and no story from anyone is going to make any change or a dent in their thinking. It is going to be there and remain for long till the day their day.

If you are traveling without a particular reason in mind, then the whole world is your oyster, and you can be simply an armchair traveler if you please, but some might ask why moving on at all if you discover so little in the East? The traveling simply starts in your mind, as you discover the passion for the unknown. We want to make the unknown ours, own it, mark it as the territory we covered. It is like conquering but only in your mind’s eye. Is that traveling or just moving sightlessly and spinelessly? Those questions are for you to address.