Everyone Wants the Bomb

The Non-Proliferation Treaty or NPT was a treaty that was created in order to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. Aside from that it also has two other aims. These are to promote the right to explore the peaceful use of nuclear technology and nuclear disarmament. Most of the countries in the world have signed and are abiding by the treaty, but it only takes one country not abiding by it to render it ineffective. Right now there are several countries that refuse the go by the treaty either directly or indirectly.

The Nuclear Weapons Club

The Manhattan Project was the project of the United States government which set out to develop an atomic weapon. It was one of the largest government undertakings in secret and it is ironic that it was geared towards producing the most horrific weapon ever. The project culminated with the dropping of atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan. That brought the surrender of Japan and the end of the war and it also ushered in the atomic age.

The Soviet Union was not to be left behind and they soon tested their own atomic weapon. When the Cold War started, one of the main reasons why it didn’t turn into a shooting was the knowledge was that both sides were capable of frying the other. But world leaders soon realized that it would be a matter of time before other countries were able to attain nuclear weapons on their own.

That is the reason why they came up with the Non-Proliferation Treaty. By the time that they came up with the treaty, there were three other countries that were armed with the bomb. These are France, China and Great Britain, so all of the permanent members of the UN Security Council have nuclear arms.

The treaty does make sense since it would be hard to imagine a peaceful world where every country is armed with a Hydrogen or an atomic bomb. The problem is that there are national leaders that don’t see it that way. Israel, Pakistan and India are all known to have nuclear weapons and the problem is further made complicated by the fact that these countries have been frequently involved in military conflict.

Israel is surrounded by enemies that vow to annihilate the small Jewish state. India and Pakistan are virtually just waiting for the next reason so they could go against each other again. It is not hard to imagine the leader of these countries coming to a point where going nuclear is the only viable option. That could have some serious repercussions on world affairs.

The Problem States

Then there are the problem states. These include Iran and North Korea. The problem with these countries is that you never know if their leaders might be crazy enough to launch nuclear weapons. This is the reason it is important that they should never be allowed to develop their own nuclear weapons. We should act right now and put an end to their nuclear dreams.