Exercise Tips for Everyone

Staying fit can be a challenge. Anyone can start going to the gym, but not all people can stay committed to it every day. Excuses become common in the next few months and before you know it, you’ll even forget that you ever went to the gym. Here are some exercise tips for staying and keeping fit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, there’s something for everyone here.

Stay Consistent

It is one of the common feature for health aficionados everywhere. When getting up off a couch is already difficult, going to gym everyday for a couple of hours can be mentally exhausting. What you can do is to start doing simple things. There is a concept called the one pushup method to develop your exercise habits. What you do is to do a single pushup when you wake up. That’s it, just one single push up. You do this until it becomes a routine then you work your way from there. Eventually, you’ll get used to it.

A lot of gym buffs fail with maintaining their exercise regimen because they immediately go all out in hopes of getting results quicker. Although they can really give you fast results, the problem will be a few months after. When you stop going to the gym, your muscles will get flabby and you end up in worse shape than before you began working out. Make sure you choose an exercise regimen that you are able to stick to after a few months or even years.

Set Realistic Goals

One of the possible things that motivate people to work out is when they want to have the same body like that of a celebrity. If you fall into this criterion, you have to accept that you and that celebrity are very different, and although you may be able to achieve that result, it may take quite a while. If you set your own bar too high, it will lead to frustration and disappointment which may be unhealthy. What you can focus on instead, is developing healthy behaviors. As we said, once you get the hang of having a healthy lifestyle, you will be able to maintain it for a long time.

Use a Buddy System

It can be dull and boring when you work out by yourself. You can find a friend or relative who shares the same goals in terms of health and fitness as you. What makes this a good method is that you can encourage one another and exercise together. Not only will you improve your body, but you can also strengthen your relationship.

Activities You Love

When you’re not at the gym, you can still continue your workout. For example, you can take up dancing, gardening, cycling or playing sport. If you already have a physical hobby, then you can continue doing that in your ‘off’ days. Since it’s also an activity you like, you won’t notice how long and tedious it is.

Exercise, Exercise Everywhere

No, we don’t mean that you suddenly break out in a run or you suddenly drop into a pushup position when you’re at the office. What we mean is that you incorporate it into your daily tasks. Take walking for example, instead of walking at a leisurely pace, you can make it brisk; like you’re going to a meeting and you’re already late. The common method is to use the stairs instead of the elevator. If you commute to and from work, you can get off a stop or two earlier and walk the rest of the way. So even if you’re at the office most of your time, it doesn’t give you a reason why you can’t stay fit; like what we’ve been saying all along: it’s all in your mind.

Go Green

When you have to run for errands, why use the car when you can bike or walk the way? Unless you expect to carry bags from groceries or a piece of furniture, you can be more active while you cross off your to-do list. Aside from being healthy, you won’t bother looking for parking spaces and of course, you’ll also do your part for the environment.

Get Professional Help

While you’re a beginner in this area, you won’t know everything about exercising. This part is especially crucial. If you do an exercise wrong, you could be bulking up or cutting down in the wrong way. In the end, you’ll end up looking far from your target image. When you get professionals to assist you, first they’ll check your body and also assess what type of exercises you are good at and where your weaknesses are. By improving your weaknesses and reinforcing your strengths, you will improve your overall fitness.

Use the Right Gear

If you go to the gym, it can be easy to overlook the gear you need. You might think that a simple shirt, rubber shoes and basketball shorts are all you need. However, you need to consider that a lot of injuries happen in the gym because people don’t take time to get the proper equipment. Here are some of the basic equipment and what you need to know about them.

  • Wear shoes that fit well, are comfortable when you move, and give the right kind of support for your body. While you run on that treadmill or lifting weights, your body weight will be on your feet. If they are not supported well, you could tear a ligament or worse, break your bones.
  • For exercise clothing, wear fabrics that absorb sweat and remove it from your skin. If you prefer loose, light clothes then cotton is also fine. You should avoid wearing rubber or plastic suits or belts since these prevent your body from dissipating heat properly.
  • Avoid ankle and wrist weights. Aside from altering your normal movement patterns, you increase the risk of injury. If you need to add weight to your workout, you can wear a weighted vest. It helps to distribute weight evenly and allows you to move more naturally compared to weights attached to your extremities.
  • If you prefer bringing your workout outdoors, you need to be properly equipped as well. Wear protective gear like helmets, knees and elbow pads for contact sports. If you like running or exercising in the evenings outside, wear reflective clothing and/or lights.

Exercising definitely needs to be consistent and continuous. You can’t just jump in, work your way in getting that ideal body shape, and then quit. Working out also includes maintaining your body shape even after you have obtained it. Following these exercise tips isn’t enough; you need to make sure that you take care of your body in other aspects like having the right state of mind and eating healthily as well.