Fall in Love in Little Rituals of Daily Routine

Ever heard of the golden rule popularized by the book ‘Eat, Pray and Love’? As the title suggests to live by meeting your own needs and no one else’s, including the need for love. As some wise men and women say you need the ability to love and you do not have to be loved by anyone probably because when you spread that love, it comes back on its own, and you are no longer dependent on anyone’s willingness to love you as it is more than enough if you love yourself, which is a skill in itself, but, that is off topic in a way.

Make Daily Routine Your Daily Staple of Joy

Every day brings us plenty of joy which you can all use to enhance the quality of your life even if you are living and making it on your own entirely. Today singles and gays alike can be freely in their own pursuit of happiness despite obviously being talked behind their back, and sometimes stabbed, but that is the price of freedom. So what of the joy we are referencing heavily to? In the day, in each moment, as it goes by and moves you feel its power and the strength of life, its tides coming and going and relegating you to a single drop which loses itself in the whirlpool of life and that is where everything begins and ends. So the routine is also a whirpool of duties and errands you have to run and amidst all that chaos you remain still as the surface of water after the storm and you absorb all the sounds, human voices, interactions, and you create an ego. An ego is born early on and it craves so much more than just a whirlpool, it develops an anxiety, it wants and demands and accuses and hates. But the true you can live in the whirlpool, make sense of the surrounding spaces and other drops and be fully tuned into them and yourself alike, buzzing with life. How is it achieved? How do you achieved this state? By simply following the flow and the whirl to the very end? That is life, and you want to feel it just like you feel the drops going down your neck and along your spine. It is then when you discover you make sense of every moment and you can only take away the pain and the pleasure from it as you wish. It should reverberate through your body just like children feel it while they can, while that joy lasts until it is finally hushed for some time.

That joy that comes to you should become the staple diet you feed your psyche and your spirit and what you infect other people with, the joy of life despite the hardship, despite the ridicule and more.