Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Every diet aficionado always dreams of losing weight quickly and almost effortlessly. If it’s not us, we all have at least one friend who is a diehard health buff and always preaches what he/she does. It’s actually not bad to take care of your body while you still can do it and you don’t need to do anything drastic. The key elements for this feat can be summed up into three: exercise, discipline and diet.


Exercise would entail that the health advocate devoting at least 20 minutes a day, 3 or 4 times a week. Of course, this would also depend on what you are aiming for. If you are aiming for a simple well-toned body, then that frequency would be enough for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking to bulk up, then you might want to invest more time and better facilities in it.


Discipline itself is an extraordinary achievement that so many fail. They start off well for the first few days or weeks, and then start to feel the pangs of procrastination until they eventually forget that they were on a health regimen in the first place. There are many ways to discipline yourself, with some suggestions that you start off slow, to drastic changes like revising your daily schedule and routes.


The last and usually overlooked factor is the diet. People sometimes think that eating less is the only and best way to go. However, eating smarter, not harder can help you in the long run. You can easily find healthy foods that satisfy you almost everywhere. If you don’t want to eat out every meal or if you want to prepare food yourself, you can buy these foods yourself and have the peace of mind that you saved money and you yourself prepared it to your standards.

Healthy Food to Lose Weight

Foods that target weight loss work on increasing your metabolism or the rate in which you burn calories, and the effort your body digests these foods can help you shed those calories in the process itself. The foods listed below are common and easy to prepare as you will find out; you might even find out that you already have it in your kitchen. In that case, all you need is to increase your intake or combine it with other healthy foods.

    • Whole grains – from the name itself, you can get the idea that your body needs a huge amount of energy to break this food down; which is why nutritionists and even trainers recommend having a good source of whole grains in your meals. It can be found in oatmeal or brown rice and never in processed foods.
    • Lean meats – yes you read it right. People think that for a healthy and effective diet they have to avoid meat and substitute it with other products. If we think about it, we are developing our muscles through our regimen. As a plus, protein needs a lot of energy to digest. This means that as your body processes these meats you get to burn off a small percentage of your calories as well.
    • Low-fat dairy products – aside from building your muscle mass and keeping your shape, these products also help to maintain your metabolism at a healthy pace. This can be attributed to their calcium and vitamin D contents, just remember to keep the quantity in check.
    • Green tea – instead of the usual soft drink or carbonated beverage, why not replace it with a healthier brew? Just after drinking green tea, it immediately speeds up your metabolism. If you don’t fancy hot drinks all the time then you don’t need to fret. You can replace it with iced tea that you can leave in the fridge for when you feel that thirst.
    • Hot peppers – after eating just a handful of these is enough to make people sweat or fidget about. There’s a good reason for that reaction – it boosts your metabolism and also burns off the calories while you fret about. For preparation, you can just eat it raw, cooked, dried or in powdered form. You can just add it in soups, dishes, sauces or even in the preparation phase.
    • Spinach and green vegetables – we always hear the doctor recommend that we add regularly to our diet ‘green leafy vegetables’ – and it’s for a good cause. These contain compounds that fight free radicals and as a bonus, they also help in repairing of muscles while you are getting your body ripped.
    • Tomatoes – putting all that fruit vs. vegetable debate aside, you can focus on the fact that tomatoes contain a lot of good things for your health and weight loss. To begin with, their very low on the calorie meter, but the fiber content gives you that full feeling; plus we all know that fiber can keep your bowel movement healthy. In short, tomatoes are good in managing your weight in the short and long term.
    • Sweet Potatoes – this is actually a very good vegetable, one that is easily overlooked. Because of its name, you might think that it is on the unhealthy side. However it is actually much healthier than its name suggests, and you can eat a couple of these when you’re dieting. One important characteristic of sweet potatoes is that they have few calories, but keep you full for long periods. In fact, if you have the cravings for potato chips, you can easily replace it with their sweeter cousin, to help you lose weight instead of putting it on.
    • Chicken Breast – if you’re on a vegetarian or vegan diet then this might not be an option for you. However for those of you that can eat this, its high protein value and low amount of fat are two of the main reasons why you should add this into your diet. Being one of the most popular meats, incorporating chicken into your meal plans won’t be that difficult also. One thing that you need to remember if you eat chicken breast is that it needs to be skinless. Chicken skin can easily soak up all the oils and raise the calories through the roof easily. If eating chicken without chicken skin might seem so bland to you, you could add some of the fruits or spices mentioned to make it more interesting.

From the three important factors (exercise, discipline and diet) in a healthy regimen, people easily overlook one or two things in their quest for their ideal body. They might think that working out too rigorously while focusing on protein intake is the only way to go about it, but then they realize that they can’t maintain their shape while they tone down or taper their exercise sets. It is always a good idea to include something so casual like diet in the therapy. Remember that eating smart and choosing foods that help you lose weight can dramatically increase the results and help your health in the long run as well.