How to Impress Your Mother-in-Law With A Clean House

It’s already challenging to clean the house when you are busy with work on a normal day. It would be even harder if your mother-in-law were to visit you on such short notice. Sheíd want to see how well you are taking care of your family and haphazard cleaning will simply not please her. If you want to make sure that she leaves your home with a smile, you should get to work on certain areas in the house.

Garbage Segregation

Make sure that the garbage is disposed of properly. Daily disposal is recommended so that flies and cockroaches will not consider this area as their breeding ground. Keep a steady supply of garbage bags in the house for easy garbage disposal. There should be no garbage in places other than the designated trash area. Your garbage cans should be clean and odorless too.

Bed Linens

Keep bed lines fresh and clean. Your mother-in-law wouldnít want to lie down on linens that smell like sweat or are yellowing. Get your best linens out of the drawers for her arrival. Before she comes, make sure that youíve washed all the dirty linen so that she cannot see them in the laundry area. Keep the laundry area tidy too, and wash most of the dirty clothes so that they will not clutter the place.

Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

A meticulous mother will not want to see splatters all over the kitchen tiles and water stains in bathroom tiles. Work on these as soon as possible and make sure that before she comes, you touch up on these areas so that there will be no evidence of stains. Try to make everything look as spotless as possible.

Stains on Clothes and Mattresses

It simply wonít do to dress your family in clothes that are stained. You have to dress them in clean clothes. Mattresses and carpets should also be cleaned properly to get rid of any unpleasant odor. Your mother-in-law will surely frown upon any weird smells in the house.


With your mother-in-law in the house, you need to impress her with your cooking. You cannot go for takeoutóthatís the worst mistake you can ever commit. Try something that youíve mastered, something that you can consider your special dish. That way, the chance of screwing up the recipe will be very small. Donít try to experiment with a dish youíve never done before unless you are very gifted in cooking. The last thing you want to do is show your in-law that you are not that good in the kitchen.

These are just some of the things you need to sort out before your mother-in-law arrives. From the second she steps in the house, she has to be pleased. But of course thatís not easy to do especially when you are working. One easy way to check most of these things out of your list is by hiring a professional domestic cleaner for the special occasion. These cleaners can be in and out of your house without your mother ever knowing about it. With that, the only thing for you to worry about is your cooking.