Some Spiritual Soup for Your Soul (SSYS)

Everyone needs to raise their spirits at times, and sometimes the sun is more than enough to help us shed the layers of sadness that has come over us with or without the reason. The I is drenched in the cocktail of yesterday and the future, and to be better equipped for life’s demands. Why would anyone want spirituality anyway? It is like we need an anchor to hold us still despite any kind of storm that might be coming to sweep us over, it gives that necessary room for air to inhale. People seek various anchors, mostly stability, as expressed by having a job, family, health. These are your typical anchors, commonly presented in surveys on happiness. This itself is quite elusive so that makes us cling to what we have even more so that we are safe from any danger. Unfortunately the sole belief in any higher power cannot protect us from pain and any accounts of miraculous escapes so adroitly recounted by some are just few and far in between, so they can be safely dismissed as fairy tales. If they were not just this then how come so may other who prayed just as vehemently received nothing and perished amidst the chaos and mayhem. Why? You can choose to believe whatever you want, but even if you follow some higher power, it is not to be saved, it is more to make sense of what is happening to you as a person and a human being, and also to prevent yourself from harming the others.

You Shall Not Harm

That is what the evolution was meant for: the freedom from harm and pain, the freedom from exerting control over people’s minds and hearts, so how come thousands chosen by their gods were proven wrong? This is the most simplistic thinking there could be, but as they tell you to suffer in silence, when they mute your voice, when they say you should feed their ego and live as they say, then you may be abandoned as the rules of the game are condoned by those who set them and no one else. They proclaim you shall not harm and yet they do, they tell you to sing your praises to the god and they demand utter subjugation and being sung praises to. How funny all rebellions seen in that light that suffer a defeat or a victory and the cycle is repeated. So what does that leave us with when it comes to some soul soup?

Acts of Daily Kindness

Little acts of goodness towards other people are what we should be on the lookout for expressed in the right context, not being taken over by your anger whenever the triggers are pushed and people react. It is when you become unconsciously good then when good is done. Without any effort or pushing. I just wanted to help does not really cut it.