The Absurds of Self Healing

Many a time someone who is deeply desperate could be looking for a self help program, spending hard earned cash on some tosh chruned out by self made men and women who obviously made it big thanks to those words of wisdom that very few could benefit from. Unfortunately even when you realize you should self heal you won’t know how and they would just serve you a ladle of well meaning ideas that bring you no comfort at all, affecting you at all. You can only change through insight but even that is not truly explained and when you do gain it you are still at loss what to do. And no real expert can in fact make any changes for you, and if you have the insight but you do not have it in your blood, that knowledge of how you affect other people or how you should be reacting to the others, then it is all in vain and should be termed wishful thinking and nothing else.

Nothing Can Be of Help

In a situation when there is no way out nothing can be of help, it is best to remember you are ultimately on your own and no one else can really help you out so even if you feel you have reached the end of your tether then you have only yourself to hang on to and nobody else. Nothing, including a religion or clubbing or stuffing yourself on greatest bits of food can be enough to alleviate the pain you are going through.

Nothing can be forgiven or forgotten, nothing can erase the past. If you are really stuck and out of tune with the reality then things do not work out the way you would like them to do, as what you did was trespass on someone else’s property.

Heed Nothing, Make Your Mistakes, Screw the Society

Therefore do not listen to anyone or any other guru that you might come to for help thinking mistakenly that they would be rushing to your aid any time soon. They are leading a pefectly normal life, life which is nothing out of ordinary and you perhaps had the taste of that life to yourself for a moment and then you let it go, because you just could not stay. Think of those people who are this way just like you, those misfits, those places where you truly belong, they are waiting for you to join them in join their misery. To truly recover you should hit the bottom, but what kind of bottom is this? Being encased and trapped under the ground, with no air to use, with nothing vital to hang on to?

Instead of getting worked up over your fate, commit to it, hang on to it, hang to your entrapment, embrace it as a challenge and atonement, where you have to go back to apologise for all the misery you have caused.