The Very Real Problem of North Korea

When Kim Jong-un became the leader of North Korea, after he took over from his dad, there were some who were hopeful that it would signal a change. There were those who hoped that the young Swiss educated leader would turn out to be less paranoid than his father of grandfather. Some were hoping that there would be an uprising after the transition.

Unfortunately for South Korea, the United States and the rest of the world Kim Jong-un is just as crazy and as hate filled against the west as the previous two dictators of the country. As recent events are showing Jong-un seems to be more bent of pushing things to a crisis situation. They are making more provocative moves and statements.

Empty Threats No More

Threats from North Korea are not new. They come up with provocative statements that are direct threats to the United States all the time. They consider America as the major threat to their country and South Korea as its puppet state. No one really takes those threats seriously since North Korea could not carry them out any attack directly on the United States. It’s a different thing with their threats against South Korea however since they are still at war technically, but everyone knows that blustering words like that are meant more for the local North Koreans as a morale booster and propaganda tool.

It has even come to a point where it is expected that the North Korean regime would issue some other farfetched accusation of conspiracy against it and threats every year. It was no longer a big deal.

Things are starting to change a bit now though. North Koreans are making threats against the United States that it is capable of carrying out. After the United States conducted one of its regular exercises with Japan, North Korea said that it was ready to carry out attacks on American Military installations in Japan and Guam.

Japan is the base of many American military units including some nuclear submarines, while Guam is where long range bombers are based. It is believed that North Korea already has missiles capable of reaching those targets. The threat is even made more serious by the fact that it has just conducted its third nuclear test. It would just be a matter of time before they have the capability of shrinking a nuclear bomb to the size of a warhead that can be carried by one of their missiles.

A Very Real and Danger

North Korea poses a very real problem not just for the United States but for free people everywhere. It has a complete hold on its population and it could tell them anything. They could blame the famine and the hardship that they are suffering on the Americans and South Koreans. They have one of the biggest armed forces in the world ready to do whatever it is told to do.

Clearly America must act now and in a decisive manner before North Korea can gain more strength and pose a bigger threat.