Top Sights in the Middle Europe

Perhaps you might be looking for some new places to explore and your pick is Middle Europe but you have very little idea where to start. Here are some of the tips you could benefit from (this is coming from someone who has been to some of the places there).

Top Sights

The greatest gem of the city chosen by first time visitors is Prague which is conveniently located and connected with other major cities of the region. From there you may want to head for Cracow or other capital cities and more. Why concentrate on the cities like this? Say you have been a person from a larger place then those places should have everything you are used to having, and we do not mean cold beer only.

The People

The international crowd flooding the cities means you will not have any difficulty making new acquaintances from around the world and not the local people only, which is somewhat a disappointment for those who come expecting to interact more with the locals. Those however would be leaving the crowded cities in search of calmer regions looking to quench their own thirst of traveling. All in all, an international mix would mean you can pretty much expect anything to happen and a great variety of the creatures flocking to bars and picking up girls and men alike. When it comes to service, simply try some tourist traps (why not? You came here as a tourist after all.) and then venture into those alleys where you might finally come across a local person who you can easily talk somebody up, but mind you, the level of English varies greatly and surely you cannot really expect people especially in their late 60 and up to be speaking it fluently. What of the atmosphere? With great numbers of people visiting the areas you cannot really know a tourist from a resident especially in the summer, however, in some countries in the regions people might be typically humorless, which improves after a round of beer and without a smile, which does not appear only until later, when you sort of get used to know them a bit. Other than that most folks are really kind in nature but at least in greater cities you won’t have the issue of plenty of faces staring at you if you are by any chance peculiarly dressed and exhibit some wacky behaviors.

The Weather

The rule is basically very simple, the further south you choose to travel the hotter the weather gets, though the gods of summer might be more appeased if you spend enough dollars in their honor. Just kidding.
In the end, if you choose a city to stay in, then you just can’t choose wrong. There is plenty of activities for anyone who is willing to keep their wits about them and be smart about traveling.