Washing And Sanitizing Your Scrubs Properly

For medical employees like nurses, doctors, physical therapists and other medical staff, the most popular uniform worn are scrubs. Compared to previous uniform designs, scrubs provide better comfort and mobility of the medical staff wearing them.

That is why, for a medical employee, you should know how to properly handle washing and sanitizing your scrubs. Since youíre often exposed to harmful pathogens which you can harbor from your patients, improper washing method can promote spread of this disease causing microbes. How do you wash your scrubs properly? You can simply do it by following these helpful tips:

Have Another Set Of Clothes

When going to the hospital from your house or from the hospital and back, make sure that you wear different clothing. Donít wear your scrubs when travelling from your house to the workplace. Dust and other particles may lodge into your uniform and can cause irritation to your patients.
In the same way, donít use your scrub when leaving the hospital, as to avoid spreading microbes to other people you meet along the way.

Make Sure To Separate Your Scrubs And Regular Clothes

Separating your scrubs from your regular clothes serves two purposes. One, by separating them, you prevent the spread of microbes to your other clothes. Second, washing your scrub would require the use of strong detergent and bleach, which can easily ruin certain clothes. Itíd be helpful to have two separate laundry baskets, one for your regular clothes and another for your scrub.

Wash Your Scrubs Twice

In washing your scrub, make sure you do it twice. During the first wash, you will be using cold water and regular detergent. This will help loosen up some stains and wash away dust that have lodged in the fabric of your scrub. Doing this makes it easier to clean the tough stains later on.

When washing it the second time, this will be the time that youíd use hot water together with bleach and stronger detergent. This is intended to clean out stubborn stains like blood, mucus and other stain materials that you have come in contact with in the hospital. At the same time, this will help reduce the microorganisms on your uniform.

Soak But Donít Soak For Too Long

Sometimes, you may need to soak your scrub in a strong detergent or bleach to really get rid of stain or to properly disinfect it. This can be a good practice and is effective in getting rid of tough stains. However, you should make sure that you donít soak your scrub for too long. This can damage and weaken the fabric, making tear easily.

There different scrubs being sold in medical supply stores and through the internet. Some come in varying designs and styles. You can get scrubs that can easily be cleaned, while there are other types that require special cleaning detail. This is especially true for printed scrubs, which may have designs that can be damaged when it comes in contact with bleach and hot water.